Blush Team Member Benny Neff Wins XBIZ Executive Award

Blush is proud to announce Benny Neff has earned the XBIZ Executive Award for Brand Ambassador of the Year.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start 2018!” says Neff. “It’s been so rewarding to be able to build the Blush brand and I am excited to share all the upcoming stuff we have happening in 2018. Being nominated was a pleasant surprise.  I have a lot of dear friends who were nominated and who do such an amazing job every day. Sharing the night with them was fun. Hearing my name called was the icing on the cake.”

Benny has been the Blush Brand Ambassador for three years. “Without a doubt Benny’s best strength is his sincere relationships and willingness to go the extra mile in his efforts to support our customers.” adds Blush Marketing Manager, Ducky DooLittle. “He’s a joy to work with, and we are all so proud of his well-earned award!”

Benny was recently promoted to Sales Executive on the Blush team and remains a strong presence at customer and trade events. Despite being honored in the bright lights of the XBIZ award ceremony, Benny’s warm approach to business building continues to be his biggest asset.

The whole Blush team would like to thank XBIZ and everyone who voted for him for giving us another reason to celebrate Benny.

Upcoming 2018 Classes

blush sex ed classes header

Our monthly online classes are designed to help you and your staff better understand the products we create and the little design features that make them unique. You can be sure our resident Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle will also deliver lots of pleasure-based sex education and sales tips that will serve you and your customers on the sales floor. Classes last 40 minutes. You will need a computer (with working speakers or earbuds) and an internet connection to participate.

RSVP ButtonTue, Jan 16, 2018
Cock Rings Class
Cock rings are an amazing way to enhance a guy’s orgasmic experience. They appear to be pretty simple things but actually have many shapes, sizes and features that are worth understanding. Ducky will explain how to help customers understand the benefits, health & safety factors, find the right fit and the simple how-to factors that will instill both trust and satisfaction in your customers. Whether you have 30 seconds or 10 minutes to help a customer with their selection, Ducky will help you up your interactions and your cock ring sales.
1PM (EST) / 12PM (CST) / 11AM (MST) / 10AM (PST)

RSVP ButtonTue, Feb 20, 2018
New Product Showcase
Pleasure is our priority and there isn’t much in the world that gets us more excited than new products with you! Please join Ducky, explore the new 2018 collections and let us help make your buying decisions and selling abilities easier. You’ll also learn the little design and sensation elements that differentiate this collection from other toys on the market.
1PM (EST) / 12PM (CST) / 11AM (MST) / 10AM (PST)

RSVP ButtonTue, Mar 6, 2018
Sex Toys for Bigger Bodies
Everybody is different. It’s good to understand how to help customers find the products that meet their needs and have them leaving your establishment feeling beautiful and excited for what’s to come. Join Ducky as she helps you build a company culture that is warm, accepting and nonjudgmental when it comes to bigger bodies and pleasure products.
1PM (EST) / 12PM (CST) / 11AM (MST) / 10AM (PST)

RSVP ButtonTue, April 17, 2018
Pumping for Pleasure: Clips, Nips, Vulvae, & Penis Pumps
People pump for many reasons — including pleasure, power, sensation, and engorgement. In this class, we will explore how we can help customers find the right pump for their body. Ducky will also address issues of safety and wellness around pump use.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP ButtonTue, May 8, 2018
Sex after a Baby: Helping Customers Keep Sex Alive After Childbirth
Having a child is a landmark event. All too often we hear from new parents that their bond suffers once the baby has arrived. Let Ducky give you some insight that will help your conversations with new parents who may be seeking to create more pleasure and connectivity as their lives are changed by childbirth.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP ButtonTue, June 12, 2018
Strap On Harnesses & Dildos
Strap on harnesses are not for everyone, but if you own, buy for, or work in sex shops it’s important that you understand how to help a customer find one that fits their specific needs. Let Ducky guide you through the design elements and features so you can help your customers find total satisfaction in their harness play.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)PST)

Brand New Video! Ducky Doolittle & Temptasia Pumps

Our amazing sex educator Ducky DooLittle shows you the basic features of our new Temptasia pumps for the vulva, clit, and nipples on this freshly uploaded educational how-to video!

Used to increase sensation to your clitoris and nipples thereby enhancing pleasure. Place cylinder over your designed erogenous zone. Squeeze ball pump to create suction. Featuring an air release valve for easy removal. The cylinder can be detached leaving your clitoris or nipple suctioned to the cylinder. Enjoy the enhanced pleasure and the unique sensations of clit pumping and the thrill of nipple pumping!

The Truth About Female Orgasm

Exposed Amelia Bullet

All bodies are beautiful, worthy and deserving of celebration and pleasure. This is a truth of the female body, which is full of pleasure points and erogenous zones. Taking time to learn about, discover and explore the female body opens one up to a wealth of sensation, pleasure, and stronger orgasm.

Sadly, the world would lead you to believe that there are many secrets to the female body. However, the truth is that there isn’t much we know today that hasn’t been known for thousands of years.

For example, the clitoris is packed with nerves, all coming together at the clitoral head. Beyond the head, it also encompasses the clitoral shaft and legs, which run down and along both sides of the vulva—making the entire vulva highly responsive to touch and vibration!

Using a toy like the Exposed Amelia Bullet is an ideal way to explore the responsiveness of the vulva and entire clitoral complex.

Go deeper, just 4 centimeters inside the vaginal opening, and you will find the G spot. It’s on the navel side of the vaginal wall and typically will only be responsive if you have warmed her body up a bit.

The reason the G spot needs a little warm-up is that it is comprised of erectile tissue and glandular tissue. With some sensation, it becomes engorged, increasing pleasure.

An ideal tool for G spot play is the Sexy Things G Slim. The bulbous end is all one needs to insert into the vagina, with the curve pointed towards her G spot. The long handle is perfect for rocking the vibe from clit to perineum or performing short strokes for a deep tissue, G spot massage.

You can take your pleasure further by using dual action toys like the Hop Cottontail. The shaft delivers a gyrating G spot massage while the outer branch reaches for her clit.

But take note, all of your pleasure products will deliver bigger orgasms when you incorporate the pelvic muscles into your play.

No matter how you trigger your orgasm (clitoral touch, G spot sensation, or any other means,) what an orgasm is for a person of any gender is a series of involuntary muscular contractions. This means the stronger your pelvic muscles are, they bigger and more profound your orgasms will be.

Incorporating the pelvic muscles into your play can be as easy as rhythmically flexing your muscles while using a toy or during partner play. Do this while drawing in the deepest breaths you can comfortably, and you will have a bigger, more intense orgasm tonight!

If you would like to bring more strength into your body, you might also consider using a set of Gleam Stainless Steel Kegel Balls

A simple set of weighted kegel balls can be worn for a few minutes a day while you do chores around your home, practice yoga, or whatever is comfortable for you. Using your muscles to hold the weights inside your vagina brings noticeable change to the body within just a few weeks of dedicated practice.

Ultimately there is a deep pool of pleasure to be found in the female body. Here at Blush, we are proud to make beautiful pleasure products that help women and their lovers find more joy and happiness in their bodies!