All Rabbit Vibes are the Same, Right? Wrong.

All Rabbit Vibes are the Same, Right? Wrong.

I have two words for you: Pleasure and Innovation. As a sex toy reviewer, the one thing I can tell you is that variety is, without a doubt, the spice of life. Having options is a necessity in navigating the world we live in, especially when it comes to our pleasure. However, more variety on the market can make narrowing down your choices a bit overwhelming. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of sex toys or looking for the next addition to your collection, I am here to assist. These dual stimulators rabbit vibes from Blush are not only innovative but offer something for everyone and is a great introduction to dual stimulation.


The Similarities

Dual stimulators or rabbit-style vibes typically have one thing in common amongst them all: Two points of stimulation—specifically internal stimulation with a vibrating or rotating shaft and with a pair of vibrating bunny ears or an arm for clitoral stimulation. In the case of these two rabbits of the Lush Line from Blush Novelties, they are both rechargeable, made of Silicone and ABS Plastic, have a thrusting shaft with some squish in the internal arm, and have warming capabilities in the shaft for temperature-play.

Additionally, both of these rabbits feature a compact design that is easy to hold in hand, and the button placement makes them easy to use. They feature a 3-second press and hold each button that stays lit during use, great for playtime in the dark while still being able to discern the difference between each button. Their functions can also be operated independently of one another to create a customizable experience. For example, you can change how fast the internal part thrusts while cycling through the vibration and air pulsation settings on the clitoral arm.

The silicone on these rabbits is soft and velvety to the touch, plus easy to clean with your favorite sex toy cleaner or a warm washcloth with some mild soap and water. A slight difference worth mentioning is that Lush Kira is splash-proof, and the Lush Iris is entirely waterproof. Just be sure to avoid using silicone-based lubricants with both rabbits, as silicone sex toy materials don’t mix well with silicone-based lubricants and can void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Where They Compare

The Lush Iris

In recent years, air pulsation technology has become quite popular in the sex toy market for many reasons. It’s a new way to experience the pleasure that isn’t vibration while still offering stimulation that is just as strong as vibration. Try not to think of it as an alternative to clitoral stimulation. It’s another way to achieve clitoral stimulation. The Iris offers 7 air pulsation functions that increase in both speed and intensity, similar to vibrations. If you aren’t familiar with air pulsation technology sensations, it is commonly described by many as gentle suction. I like to describe it as a light suction paired with a finger tapping on my clit at the same time. It’s honestly quite a unique experience.

The Iris internal arm has a ribbed texture and has more girth than the Kira. A raised head for some intense g-spot stimulation, paired with thrusting capabilities and three speeds. This keeps the external arm engaged with your body while simultaneously enjoying both that sensation and the sensation of thrust and gyration.


The Lush Kira

The Kira takes a unique perspective with dual stimulation by featuring rabbit ears that sit vertically aligned than the traditional horizontal alignment. This stimulates the top and bottom of the clitoris, as opposed to sandwiching the clit between the two rabbit ears. You get seven vibration functions, a mixture of speeds and patterns. Though I’m not into patterns that much, they are great things like edging to increase the intensity of an orgasm and are fun to play around with, creating a more customizable experience.

This is paired with a thrusting internal arm thrusts and gyrates but isn’t as textured as the Iris. This could be ideal for someone who wants subtle g-spot/internal stimulation, or maybe textured internal toys aren’t your thing. With that being said, the head of the internal arm on the Kira is curved, and the internal arm is slightly longer than the Iris. The gyration does indeed hit differently from the absence of texture here, but in a good way.


The Bottom Line

If you’re still unsure which rabbit vibes are right for you, consider these three questions: Are you looking to try new sensations or stick with something you’re already familiar with? Are you into intense g-spot stimulation or internal stimulation in general? Do you like textured internal toys? Experimenting with new sensations can be exciting, especially when you get to experience two types of stimulation simultaneously.

Written by Tiffy Kink. When she’s not writing, she’s doing her nails or playing with her dog Hunter. Find more of her writing by visiting, where she blogs about sex toys, dating advice, and all things sexual-wellness related.”

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