Our Vision:

A world where passions are empowered.


Our Mission:

The Blush philosophy is that all bodies are beautiful, worthy and deserving of celebration and pleasure. Our team combines innovation and creativity to create pleasure products that fit your desires while meeting our high health and wellness standards. Price, quality and your experience are our highest priority.


Our Core Values:

πŸ’œ We make the highest quality, body safe pleasure products on the planet.

πŸ’œ We respect and listen to each other.

πŸ’œ We are innovative and design centric.

πŸ’œ We are committed to continued learning and sharing what we have learned.

πŸ’œ We are a team that is motivated, fast and accurate.

πŸ’œ We are focused on the future.

πŸ’œ We seek to care for the planet.

πŸ’œ We are a global company that reflects the world, providing products and services across cultures and continents.



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