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Our monthly online classes are designed to help you and your staff better understand the products we create and the little design features that make them unique. You can be sure our resident Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle will also deliver lots of pleasure-based sex education and sales tips that will serve you and your customers on the sales floor. Classes last 40 minutes. You will need a computer (with working speakers or earbuds) and an internet connection to participate.

RSVP ButtonTue, July 31, 2018
New Product Showcase
Pleasure is our priority, and nothing gets us more excited than sharing new products with you! Please join Ducky, explore the new Fall 2018 collections, and let us help make your buying decisions and selling abilities easier. You’ll also learn the little design and sensation elements that differentiate this collection from other toys on the market.

1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP ButtonTue, August 7, 2018
First Time Toy Shoppers: Helping Your Staff Better Care for First Time Shoppers
Selling sex toys is unlike any other kind of retailing and in today’s market requires skills. Customers flow through your doors with eagerness, excitement, expectations, and sometimes fear and hesitation. Ducky will help you develop dynamic customer interactions and increase sales while caring for your own needs, boundaries and personal safety. If you are a sex shop owner, worker, or want to expand your new hire training program for your staff, this is class for you.

1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)