Mar 24, 2020 | Blush U: Let’s Learn About Toy Materials

1pm (edt) | Who’s Invited: Everyone! | RSVP

What is sex toy made of? At Blush your health and wellness are important and we want you to understand what your pleasure products are made from.
Join Sex Educator Victor Tobar as they explain the materials used to make sex toys and how to find the products that meet your standards.

Apr 14, 2020 | Blush U: Manager Master Class – Hosting Successful In-Store Events

1pm (est) | Who’s Invited: Retailer & Distributor Owners, Managers, Buyers, and Staff | RSVP HERE

Creating a memorable in-store experience gets customers in the door, creates brand visibility, and sales, especially in the evolving digital age. Sex Educator and adult retail veteran, Victor Tobar, will share tips on how to expand your customer service experience and make your store a destination with a well-developed events program. They will share skills on creating an events calendar, building successful partnerships and sponsorships, increasing turnout and participation, building diverse content, promotion and documentation, and centering sales and profitability at your next in-store event.

Apr 22, 2020 | Blush U: Let’s Learn About Earth Friendly Sex Toys

1pm (est) | Who’s Invited: Everyone! | RSVP HERE

Can sex toys be earth friendly? Yes! Join Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle as she talks about all the ways you can engage in toy play and do it in ways that have a more positive impact on our beautiful planet.

May 12, 2020 | Blush U: Sex & Menopause

1pm (est) | Who’s Invited: Everyone! | RSVP HERE

How do you maintain your sexual vivacity or even gain more sexual energy as you age? Whether you are approaching menopause or in menopause, you are invited to join Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle as she helps you find pleasure and connection with your body as you move through this life cycle.

May 19, 2020 | Blush U: Let’s Learn About G Spot & Prostate

1pm (est) | Who’s Invited: Everyone! | RSVP HERE

G Spots and prostates have the potential of unlocking new types of pleasure for all types of bodies! Learn more about these pleasurable sponges, how to find them, solo and partner techniques, and of course, how to choose the right Blush toy for the job! Sex educator Victor Tobar will answer questions, dispel myths, and help you expand your orgasmic potential with G Spot and P Spot tips.

Jun 9, 2020 | Blush U: Sex Toy Care & Cleaning

1pm (est) | Who’s Invited: Everyone! | RSVP HERE

How clean are your toys? Join us as we deliver essential tips on how to properly clean your toys. You’ll also get a sex toy materials primer to help you identify the best product materials for your body and the kinds of play you enjoy.