Our monthly online classes are designed to help you and your staff better understand the products we create and the little design features that make them unique. You can be sure our resident Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle will also deliver lots of please-based sex education and sales tips that will serve you and your customers on the sales floor. Classes last 40 minutes. You will need a computer (with working speakers or ear buds) and an internet connection to participate.

RSVP ButtonTue, July 11, 2017
Customer Care: Sex & Menopause
It’s a great feeling when customers feel safe enough to ask us honest questions. Being able to answer those questions with confidence creates both happy sales people and repeat customers. Let Ducky help you understand how menopause may affect a woman’s sexuality and how you can help your customers find pleasure and resources while moving through this life cycle.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP ButtonRevive G TeaseTue, August 22, 2017
New Product Showcase
Pleasure is our priority and there isn’t much in the world that gets us more excited than updating you about new products! Please join us and learn about our new collections and exciting additions to lines you love! Learn the little design and sensation elements that differentiate this collection from other toys on the market.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP ButtonTue, September 5, 2017
Customer Care: Sex & Unwanted Pain
Customer questions can be complex. Knowing how to appropriately handle questions around sex, unwanted pain, and other medical issues will help your customers trust you. Being able to answer those questions with confidence creates both happy sales people and repeat customers. Let Ducky give you and your staff the skills they need to care for customers with confidence.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP Buttonruse big poppaTue, October 3, 2017
Dildo Design: Cost, Materials & Pleasure Principles
Dildos seem like the simplest toys on the market, but with so many options available it’s great to find new ways to help customers navigate choices. In this class, Ducky will talk about anatomy, pleasure points, size and design features. Together we will learn about deeper differentiating factors like price, quality, manufacturing standards, and materials. This is a great class for managers, buyers and staff alike.
1PM (EDT) / 12PM (CDT) / 11AM (MDT) / 10AM (PDT)

RSVP ButtonTue, November 7, 2017
Customer Care: Sex, Ability, & Disability
Customers walk through your doors with a mix of emotions that may include excitement, expectations, or even a little fear. Customer also arrive with emotional, cognitive, and physical variables like ability and disability. Ensuring your store and staff are ready to care for the unique needs of any individual that seeks to shop with you must be a concerted effort. Let Ducky help you build a company culture that is warm, accepting and nonjudgmental when it comes to ability and disability.
1PM (EST) / 12PM (CST) / 11AM (MST) / 10AM (PST)

RSVP ButtonStay Hard Bull RingTue, December 5, 2017
Cock Rings Class
Cock rings are an amazing way to enhance a guy’s orgasmic experience. They appear to be pretty simple things but actually have many shapes, sizes and features that are worth understanding. Ducky will explain how to help customers understand the benefits, health & safety factors, find the right fit and the simple how-to factors that will instill both trust and satisfaction in your customers. Whether you have 30 seconds or 10 minutes to help a customer with their selection, Ducky will help you up your interactions and your cock ring sales.
1PM (EST) / 12PM (CST) / 11AM (MST) / 10AM (PST)