gaia eco toyGAIA ECO

“The Gaia Eco vibrator is made from a bioplastic which the Blush website identifies as PLA. Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a widely used bioplastic, but it’s make-up varies from territory to territory.  Fortunately for us, Blush are quite open that cornstarch is the bio compound used to make their PLA.

Researching PLA, the first things you find out is that it is becoming common in medical procedures, for screws, pins, plates and similar.  The body causes it to degrade into lactic acid in 6-24 months.  Now, I’m not sure about you, but knowing that PLA has the stamp of approval for surgical use makes me breathe a whole lot easier about it. If it’s passed all the tests needed for use in surgery, then it seems a reasonable material to use for a sextoy…” –

luxe arielle


“Fucking incredible.” –

“I tried not moving it around too much and just let the patterns do their thing and I loved it. The back and forth pattern between the arms is a great tease and can keep you on the edge for as long as you want…” –

“The tension of the Arielle’s arms applied firm but comfortable pressure to both my clit and G-spot.  And, wonder of wonders, it is actually possible to (gently) thrust with the Arielle.  Being able to experience both dual vibration and movement puts this vibrator ahead of every rabbit I have ever tried…” –


“…it’s so good. Mio hones in on my G-spot and punches it repeatedly in the best way. The girth, the bend, the solid silicone and the ridge all come together to create an amazing experience. It grabs and rubs and batters my G-spot into submission until I’m squirting rivers of ejaculate before I’ve even reached orgasm.” –

“If you are looking for a new dildo to add to your sex toy arsenal, I seriously can’t recommend this one enough.” –

my little heaven toyLUXE MY LITTLE HEAVEN

“It’s so petite, inexpensive and does what it’s designed to do.” –

“Blush loves to please with their 100% silicone toys, and with the My Little Heaven, they’ve made a dildo that’s totally perfect for a beginner. The design is wonderful for G-spot stimulation, and a perfect size for someone who is more accustomed to using their fingers rather than toys.” –

nude impressions 01 toyNUDE IMPRESSIONS 01

“When I said multi-purpose, I meant it. This thing is ridiculous. My Nude Impressions 01 can be an external vibe if you’re in a pinch; a g-spot vibe; a dildo; a prostate vibe; a suction-cup ride-able sex toy; a harness-compatible vibrator; a bath-time vibrator. It’s body-safe and affordable with a good motor. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of sex toys.” –

Nude Impressions 02 vibrating G spot and prostate toyNUDE IMPRESSIONS 02

“…the motor on this thing is phenomenal; I didn’t know rumbles until I used this. I thought I did, but, boy howdy, I was wrong. This is the toy that really introduced me to rumbly toys. The vibrations are deep, and seem travel all over my body.” –

candy hearts plugs


“The silicone has a smooth satin finish, meaning they feel super luxurious and silky smooth. They are truly beautiful to hold and touch and I can’t get enough of how soft they are while still being fully firm for insertion.” –

real nude sukoREAL NUDE SUKO

“Insertion of the girthy dildo was much more comfortable due to the slight give of the Sensa Feel technology. I particularly relished the added stimulation produced by the large bulbous head.” –


“The Revive Fabulous Rabbit worked perfectly with my anatomy, and the vibrations are pretty nice!” –