A Beast Has Been Sighted!

A Beast Has Been Sighted!

“Traces of a new beast have been spotted…it must be getting closer!”

Racing through the dark forest, heavy paws smash against the ground in a desperate attempt to catch what it hunts. Leaves and foliage break beneath its weight, the beast towering over most others that reside in The Realm. Humanoid hands steady itself near a throng of trees, claws scratching down the bark as his head tilts towards the full moon. The growling vibration of sound starts in its chest, trailing upward until it escapes its maw in a howl that renders the rest of the forest silent. It’s hunting for something… It’s hunting for you. Will you succumb to the beast, or will you fight against it?

Meet the beast and choose your fantasy…

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beast werewolf dildo red on the shaft with hairy balls

The Realm – Lycan – Lock On Werewolf Dildo 

It’s not just folklore, with The Realm your beastly fantasies come to life! Lycan is made of soft, flexible, hand-poured, platinum cured silicone. This girthy creature, with its dense, matte texture and multiple coronal ridges will please those who love a slow, powerful stroke with ample friction. This monster will have you howling at the moon!


wereworld sword


The Realm – Rougarou – Lock On Werewolf Handle 

The Realm Rougarou invites you to duel with your deepest desires! Be you a human, wolf, hunter, or hybrid… This sword handle is sure to serve you well. For you are the chosen one, deemed worthy of its might! Built for all full moon adventurers and pleasure-seekers with a love of role play! Rougarou pairs with any of your favorite Lock On dildos. Together they become the perfect tool for your sex-fueled encounters with beasts, dark elves, raging goblins, orcs, sorcerers, and enormous poisonous insects, or even a damsel in distress.


The Realm – Silver Rechargeable Bullet 

A bullet cast from silver is one of the few weapons that are effective against a werewolf, witch, vampire, or other monsters. You and your orgasms will also be utterly vulnerable to its epic power and 10, rumbly vibration functions! The Realm Silver Bullet fits in the base and pairs perfectly with any of your favorite Lock On dildos. Body safe, waterproof, rechargeable, and easy to clean.

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