Why You Should Try Using Wearable Panty Vibrators!

Why You Should Try Using Wearable Panty Vibrators!

Wearable Panty Vibrators have been making the rotation again but these fantastic little toys have a lot of benefits and uses you may not be aware of. These small, versatile sex toys are perfect for couples play as well as hands-free solo adventuring. Let’s learn more about these petite and powerful panty vibes!


What Is a Panty Vibe?

Panty vibes are powerful toys that can be attached to your underwear and vibrate against the exposed skin. They are often controlled through wireless remote control and are perfect for both couple’s play, and solo play. They can either be attached through a magnetic secure attachment or slid through the small pocket on your panties. Because these sit outside the body, it’s important that you find one with the power you desire. A panty vibe is perfect to provide discreet, private play in even the most public of settings and is a petite powerhouse to better entice some of your most delightful fantasies.


Benefits of Using a Panty Vibe

Panty vibes are used both inside and outside the bedroom. Because they are often remote-controlled, your partner can deliver pleasure to you at any point while you are out or around the house. But these are also fantastic for solo, hands-free play if you don’t want to keep hold of your toy during use. Simply clasp it onto your panties and control the fun! Or if you wish to hold it and press the panty vibe against the skin further, you can easily hold them in your hands for more pinpointed stimulation.

Panty vibes are a great way to connect further with yourself or your partner. They provide a great many fantasy-inspired situations that can spice things up. Whether it’s going out dancing, or dinner mixed with a surprise vibration, these sex toys are truly an exciting way to have some extra fun with yourself and/or your partner.

Panty vibes are also great if you aren’t a huge fan of internal stimulation or penetration. They deliver powerful vibrations without ever having to go inside your body.

Things to look for in a Panty Vibe

Body-Safe: You want to make sure something that is sitting against your body (whether or not it’s ever inserted) is body safe. This will be touching your intimate parts directly and can also be used all over the body on erogenous zones.

Powerful: Because this toy is not inside you, it’s important that it’s powerful enough to deliver the pleasure you desire.

Secure: Ensuring the panty vibe has a magnetic attachment to secure it against your panties is key! You don’t want to have to hold it all the time to keep it secure, that defeats the purpose of hands-free pleasure!

Curved: If the panty vibe is curved to sit against your body you can further assure it will deliver pleasure where you want it most.



The Temptasia Panty Vibe is one I would recommend highly. The Temptasia Wearable Panty Vibe is a powerful remote-controlled (up to 32 feet) panty vibrator that you can control by yourself, or with a partner. The Panty Vibe has 10 vibration functions that will let you explore a range of options, all focused on your pleasure. With a smooth silicone exterior that is ergonomically shaped to fit you perfectly, the Panty Vibe feels luscious against the skin. This USB rechargeable vibe has a magnetic attachment that ensures it stays put during play. Made of platinum-cured silicone and ABS plastic, it’s body-safe, IPX7 waterproof for bath and shower play, and easy to clean.


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