Blush U Recap: Let’s Learn About Butt Toys!

Blush U Recap: Let’s Learn About Butt Toys!

Did you know that this week we hosted Blush’s first-ever LIVE class for our Blush U educational series? We hosted this class on Facebook Live, and invited everyone to join in. A majority of our Blush U classes in 2020 will be hosted on social media and open to the public. We encourage our fans to RSVP and sign up for our upcoming workshops. Click here for more info on future classes!

We know that it can be hard to get to class on time, and some eager students out there might have missed the live session. Don’t worry, we’ll share our notes from class with you.

Thanks to the magic of social media, you can watch a recording of the class on our Blush Facebook Page.

Victor Tobar teaching Blush U
Victor Tobar teaching Blush U

Major Topics from “Blush U: Let’s Learn About Butt Toys”

  • Fundamentals of Butt Play:
    • Enthusiastic Consent and Desire
    • Patience, Communication, Relaxation
    • LOL – Lots Of Lube
    • Present Exploration – sober and sensing (no numbing)
    • Without A Base, Without A Trace
  • Atlas of Anal Pleasure:
    • External Anal Anatomy: Anus, Perineum, Genitals, Thighs
    • Sphincters
    • Rectum
    • Colon
    • Prostate/G-spot
    • PC muscles/pelvic floor muscles
    • Skin, brain, rest of body/senses!
  • Types of Anal Toys – see below for details

Products Showcased in Class
(plus notes from Victor in italics!)

Anal Training Toys:

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1 – Luxe Night Rimmer Kit

Get used to the feeling of fullness/pressure – progressively increase in size. Incorporate a Bullet Vibe in the anchor loop for added sensation and to help you relax.

2 – Luxe Vibra Slim Plug

Slim enough for beginners, with slim base for comfortable long term wear. Rumbly movement stimulates PC muscles and feels good when moving around.

3 – Temptasia Twist Kit

Use as anal training kit for depth, movement, friction. Great way to train for penetration with a larger object, pegging/anal sex with strap on or penis.

Butt Plugs:

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1 – Luxe Explore

Classic non-vibrating anchor plug.

2 – Luxe Discover

Experience fullness, pressure, tapered entry, slim neck, vibration and comfortable base.

Anal Beads and Beaded Plugs

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How they work: start off small (unless you are playing with XL ones), and insert one at a time (good for beginners, and you can grow with them!). Opening and closing of sphincters help to relax, accustom to sensation. Pull out at time of orgasm to enhance muscle spasms – stronger, all-over orgasm!

1 – Performance Silicone Anal Beads

Flexible silicone, they go in and stay in.

2 – Performance Plus Sonic Rechargeable Anal Plug

Rigid design. Can either stay in, or go in and out for a more intense muscle spasm experience. Includes bonus remote vibrator for easy adjustments or partner play.

Rimming Plug

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1 – Performance Drive

All the benefits of a vibrating plug, plus massaging beads to add simulation of rimming/combo sensation!

Prostate or G Spot Stimulation

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The curve is more important than the depth – rocking rather than thrusting. Pressure/fullness. Don’t forget the taint, base of penis, vulva!

1 – Spark Ignition PRV-01

2 – Avant Pride P2 True Blue


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Explore depth, movement, and friction with dildos, which tend to be longer than plugs and designed for in & out penetration. Use alone manually or in a harness with a partner.

1 – Avant Pride P8 Love

Great length to accommodate bellies and butt cheeks, slim enough for beginners.

2 – Temptasia Harness Briefs

Cute, gender neutral brief with sizes ranging from Small to 5XL!


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1 – Temptasia Bunny Tail Pom Plug

Role play, pet play… just cute!

2 – Temptasia Slut Plug

Perfect for power exchange, teasing, and humiliation.

3 – Temptasia Bling Plug

Add some bling to your booty!

4 – Play with Me Naughty Candy Heart Plug

A cute and kinky gift idea for Valentine’s Day!

5 – Performance Cock Ring Plug

Cock lock/extreme sensation for advanced players.

We hope you enjoyed our first “Blush U: Let’s Learn” LIVE event! There are many more to come, so be sure to check our upcoming class list and RSVP today. Our next Let’s Learn class is called “Blush U: Let’s Learn About Cock Rings” and will be hosted live on Blush Instagram on Tuesday, February 18, 2020! Click here to RSVP on the event page to save your seat and get reminders. See you in class!

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