Meet Dr. Skin Dr. Chubbs!

Meet Dr. Skin Dr. Chubbs!

The Hunt for Something Bigger


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect toy when you want something bigger. But your search has come to an end. Meet Dr. Chubbs, a large and realistic dildo that is just what the doctor ordered! With a soft, lifelike feel with just the right amount of firmness, a strong suction base, and huge girth – Dr. Chubbs is here to assist you with your wildest fantasies. Realistic details and extra length compliment this beautiful and long dildo, making it the perfect addition to your collection.





The Dr. Skin Dr. Chubbs offers you new levels of girth. With 3.25 inches of width and 6.75 inches of insertable length, Dr. Chubbs is ideal for anyone who wants to feel stretched to their limits. It delivers a soft, realistic feel and likelife texture for a better-than-real experience. Stick this toy on any smooth, flat surface to take advantage of its strong suction cup. Dr. Chubbs’ lab-tested body safe PVC is easy to clean: just wash with gentle soap and water, then let air-dry.

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