Sex Toys Available Despite Coronavirus

Sex Toys Available Despite Coronavirus

Well Stocked & Importing/Exporting without COVID-19 Related Delays

NEW YORK (March 5, 2020) – In a time when the latest James Bond film announces a delayed release due to coronavirus fears and Star Wars fans weather manufacturing delays with Baby Yoda toys, Blush Novelties is proud to announce they are defeating fears and driving pleasure and intimacy despite it all.

Blush cannot speak for every sex toy manufacturer, but they can report their supply pipeline is uninterrupted. “With two manufacturing facilities, a Research & Development office, and a sales office in China, we are well versed in how to stock up before Chinese New Year,” says CEO Verna Meng. “Because of our rapid growth in recent years we stocked above and beyond in our North American warehouse. Blush Europe is also unencumbered. This has made for fortunate timing in this turbulent new year.”

As the coronavirus subsides in China, Blush thankfully reports their team has weathered the event well and both manufacturing facilities are up and running are near 100% capacity.

Beyond seamless manufacturing and well stocked retailers, having pleasure products available bodes well for consumers. “Now more than ever we can all benefit from stress reduction,” says Blush’s Resident Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle. “As we all watched the coronavirus move through areas of China during their biggest holiday of the year, we got to watch the resilient Chinese population hunker down, stay home and find ways to entertain themselves and each other. Story after story surfaced around how these individuals connected with each other over social media, watched videos, reignited their relationships, and experienced relaxation and intimacy that is normally not afforded. We all know the fear and pain that has come with this, so we must engulf ourselves in every positive element that may result in these times.”

For a mission driven company that spends every day focusing on bringing more pleasure into the world, sharing good news and inspiring people to find joy is always a priority. The entire Blush team, around the globe, is proud and working hard to do that now more than ever.

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