Blush Wins ETO’s “Excellence in the Sustainability” Award

Blush Wins ETO’s “Excellence in the Sustainability” Award


It gives Blush great pleasure to announce that Gaia won the prestigious ETO Award for Excellence in Sustainability. Thank you to ETO and everyone who voted for us!

How does Blush seek sustainability?

As a company, we are always seeking ways to be kinder to planet Earth, through consistent upgrades in our manufacturing processes and in the packages we design. We also created our bestselling, sustainable collection of vibrators – Gaia.

Gaia is the world’s first biodegradable vibrator. It’s made of BioFeel, a bioplastic or polymer compound mixed with plant-based materials. BioFeel is nonporous, making it completely safe for the body.

These powerful vibes bring loads of pleasure while taking away the guilt of ecological damage caused to the environment through your pursuit of that pleasure.

Our Gaia collection is a step forward in the sex toy and sex tech industry. An industry that we believe needs to step up and do our part in saving the earth. Our BioFeel toys will bring lots of body-safe joy into your life. When your toy reaches the end of life, you can drop it off at a commercial composting facility where they can recycle its parts.

With global warming becoming a bigger issue each year, we are proud to be receivers of the sustainability award. Thank you again!

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