How to Recycle Gaia BioFeel Material

How to Recycle Gaia BioFeel Material

The Design

The Gaia® Eco’s design is that of a classic slim line and can be used for internal or external stimulation: including a tapered tip for comfort. With quiet multi-speed vibrations controlled by the twist of a dial, it’s easy to find your perfect sensation.

The Gaia Eco Bullet is a powerful one-speed vibe with a push button controller.

Gaia is body safe and easy to clean. Just wash with warm soap and water, before and after every use.

The Material

The BioFeel material is a bioplastic which is a polymer plant based material. BioFeel also uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emission than any other sex toy material on the market. This material is the perfect choice for a vibrator since it is nonporous, making it body safe and easy to clean. It looks and plays like any hard-plastic toy. Gaia is smooth to the touch and transfers vibration beautifully.

How to Recycle It

When a person is ready to dispose of a Gaia toy, they can take it to their local industrial composting facility, where it will biodegrade.

Of course, there is no guarantee that every consumer will recycle their bioplastic toy, but the products do encourage conversations about how to recycle plastics and the availability of sustainable materials that are more kind to the Earth. The good news is that even if the toys ends up in a landfill, it will break down over time.

We Care

Caring for the Earth is a priority for many people, as is personal health and wellness. For the eco-conscious consumer, these toys are a dream and this is the impetus for Blush to create a simple, affordable sex toy that truly reflects these values. The Gaia line takes away the guilt of ecological damage caused to the environment through your pursuit of pleasure.

Pure Pleasure

Even for those who are not as concerned about the environmental impact of sex toys, we feel confident the deep, rumbly vibrations of the Gaia collection will drive pleasure.


Learn More about the Gaia Collection here!

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