2022 Toy Forecast: The Best Sex Toy for You Based On Your Sun Sign!

2022 Toy Forecast: The Best Sex Toy for You Based On Your Sun Sign!

Handpicked to suit your personality! 

There are thousands of sex toys in the market, which makes it essential for you to invest in the best of the best. Let’s take the decision-making heat off us by looking at the higher power. Sun signs are great for highlighting personalities and traits; they can also uncover our preferences. With so many choices, we’re glad for something that helps streamline the toy purchasing decision! We’re channeling some Goodman energy to round up the best da*n sex toys for you based on your sun sign and to renew your sexual goals in the year to come! 

Intrigued? Read on to find your personalized guide…. 


(21st March-19th April) 

Confident, energetic, and determined, this fire sign shines bright with passion. Always ready to take the initiative, you need a toy that turns up the heat, just like you.  

You are most likely to pick the Wellness G Wave because for you, it’s got to be fast, and it’s got to be good. With two vibration points for simultaneous clitoral and G spot sensation and whopping seven powerful vibration functions, this toy is sure to appeal to your nature. 


(20th April-20th May) 

This earth sign loves comfort, pleasure and enjoys all things luxurious and cozy. No surprise if you said that you spent all day bathing in a tub overflowing with essential oils. You favor styles that are practical and timeless classics.  

The Dr. Skin Glide 7.5 Inch Self Lubricating Dildo is the perfect realistic partner for you, a self-lubricating toy that only needs a bit of water to get slippery! Classic for Taureans to appreciate! 


(21st May-20th June) 

Symbolized by the celestial twins, Gemini is an air sign interested in so many pursuits. You are playful, bubbly, affectionate, and a fearless thinker. You love sexting and texting as much as talking IRL. You are always down to try something new! 

We recommend Flutter rabbit from Sexy Things. Gemini lovers will enjoy the toy’s all-encompassing sensations-  its rotating beads massage and thrill within while the flickering clitoral pleaser delivers sensual motion outside. Case closed!


(21st June-22nd July) 

This water sign craves intimacy above everything else. Loyal, caring, and empathetic, you are sensitive and love to create safe spaces that you call your little paradise. Intuition is your superpower, so you always sense what your partners want. Gaia Eco Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator with ten vibrating functions has everything a Cancerian would love. Enjoy the erotic possibilities of this discreet yet powerful toy!  


(23rd July-22nd August) 

Confident, loud, and proud, Leos are fierce lionesses. This free-spirited fire sign loves to bask in their glory and celebrate themselves. As lovers, they put their hearts into every relationship. You have nothing to hide, which means a sultry, glam toy is the only way for you. 

Nothing but the Au Natural Bold Massive 9 Inch Dildo to satisfy your fancy and flashy needs! From firmness to skin & vein texture, this dildo packs enough of a sensational punch to satisfy any Lion. 


(23rd August-22nd September) 

Logical, practical, and systematic, this earth sign is a perfectionist at heart. You’re hyper-aware of every detail. It’s no secret that you are incredibly high-maintenance, and you always want things done your way.  

Noje Quiver is the ideal toy for Virgos so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. This high-frequency vibe with 7 vibrating functions comes with two silicone attachments, giving you many exciting sensations without being too showy. Just perfect for a minimalist! 


(23rd September-22nd October) 

Librans have a fixation on balance and harmony, after all their sun sign is represented by a scale. Charming and social, you love high art and connoisseurship. You want to own all things pretty to show off your exquisite taste. 

Naturally alluring, you should pick something romantic and seductive like the Hop Oh Bunny.  This bunny brings new air pulsation technology to a traditional rabbit design featuring 10 functions and a flexible clitoral arm that bends for perfect positioning around the clitoris.  


(23rd October-21 November) 

Outwardly composed, inwardly emotional, a Scorpio is a sign most closely associated with sex. Though you like keeping secrets and never show your cards, you look to make soulful connections with friends and lovers.  

As you are mysterious and secretive in your ways, what better than a rechargeable, small enough to take anywhere for discreet pleasure on the go. 

Pick up the Temptasia Remote Control Panty Vibe for you and your partnerSlip it into the panty and get creative (because you are romantic after all), or enjoy a solo hands-free session up to 32 feet. 


(22nd November-21st December) 

Hello, you are a unique blend of passion, curiosity, intensity, and adaptability. Sagittarius’ are confident to set their trends rather than follow, which means no toy is off-limits. The adventure-seekers that you are, the remote-controlled Circuit Plug from the Anal Adventures Platinum collection is the perfect toy that will keep up with your spirit. With a perfectly curved tip for prostate stimulation, this remote-controlled plug quickly switches between 10 gyrating functions, rotating 5 rows of pleasure beads and 10 modes of vibrations. 


(22nd December-19th January) 

Excellent at taking actions and initiatives, Caps like to consider all the options before they make a decision – and it’s unlikely to be anything frilly. Ambitious yet youthful and playful, you would love to control your partner with a Noir Flinch Crop. With a long handle and textured grip, the minimalist beauty is vegan leather, making it an excellent fit for no-frill Capricorns. Feather Ticklers are way too easy for you dominating caps! 


(20th January-18th February) 

Offbeat, unusual, and rebel, this air sign despises anything conventional. Reasons enough, they need a unique toy. Bring your futuristic explorations to life with the Karbonite Lock On Handle Kit! The robust handle fits your choice of Lock On dildos to turn your playtime into an adventure. 


(19th February-20th March) 

Intimacy is poetry for a Pisces, literally! Kind and gentle, you are mystical. Relationships with you are sure to involve deep spiritual exploration. 

A sex toy that isn’t too realistic would be the perfect fit for the quiet Pisces. Lina Lipstick vibrator from the Lush Collection is small and discreet but incredibly powerful- just like a Pisces’ energy! 


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