New Year’s Resolutions: We Love You! You Should Love You Too.

New Year’s Resolutions: We Love You! You Should Love You Too.

This is the time of year when so many of us are setting our New Year’s Resolutions and seeking to better our lives.

At Blush, we are focusing on Self Love in the new year. When you are loving yourself, your mindfulness improves. Being mindful is the ability to realize when you are having negative thoughts, and the strength to steer your inner voice in a more hopeful and loving direction. This helps one to maintain a more positive outlook overall, find gratitude for both the ups and downs of life and improves your ability to cope and handle life’s challenges. Mindfulness also helps you to find more compassion and empathy for others, making it easier for you to handle social situations. 

Self love comes in many forms. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Pictured: Wellness G Ball, Temptasia Luna, Noje B4, Gaia Eco, and Lush Iris.
  • Gratitude: Take a few minutes every morning to think about all of the positive things in your life. Create a list, whether in your mind, in a journal, an audio recording, a blog, or during a phone call with a friend. Remembering all of the good in your life will help you stay focused on what really matters, and helps you appreciate what you already have.
  • Meditation: In as little as two minutes, you can relax your mind and body with a simple guided meditation or breathing exercises. There are hundreds of free meditation videos available on YouTube. Many smartwatch models have a deep breathing function, which is quite convenient! 
  • Small, Attainable Goals: Instead of setting a difficult goal such as, “I want to lose 30 lbs.,” consider outlining several small steps that will bring you to that goal. Completing simple steps towards your goal will boost your confidence and keep you motivated to stay on track. Increase the difficulty of the goals as you progress. 
  • Masturbation: The epitome of self love! Rather than simply satisfying an urge, really take the time to treat yourself. Put on sexy music, light scented candles and give yourself a sensual experience. Many Blush toys are waterproof and ideal for a luxurious bubble bath. Check out the Noje Collection, Avant Collection and Aria Collection for many waterproof, body safe options to get you started! 

Loving yourself is the first step towards a happy life. You deserve that.

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