Blush Boutique Show

Pleasure is our priority, and nothing gets us more excited than sharing new products with you! This is your chance to explore the Blush Boutique Collections, and let us help make your buying decisions and selling abilities easier. You’ll also learn the little design and sensation elements that differentiate this collection from other toys on the market. RSVP Today!

Sex Toys Available Despite Coronavirus

Well Stocked & Importing/Exporting without COVID-19 Related Delays NEW YORK (March 5, 2020) – In a time when the latest James Bond film announces a delayed release due to coronavirus fears and Star Wars fans weather manufacturing delays with Baby Yoda toys, Blush Novelties is proud to announce they are defeating fears and driving pleasure and intimacy despite it all. […]

Better Ways to Orgasm Without Penetration

Q: “I am looking to find better ways to make my partner orgasm without vaginal penetration. Can you help?” A: There are many routes to pleasure besides penetration. Exploring what you and your partner enjoy can open up many new pleasure and orgasmic possibilities! Goal-oriented sex can put a lot of pressure on all partners, and it’s helpful to focus […]