100% Platinum Cured Silicone Dildos

Silicone has so many elements that make it a superior sex toy material. Silicone is nonporous, scent-free, body-safe, doesn’t harbor bacteria, easy to clean (dishwasher safe, boilable, and bleachable), and will last a very long time (for both personal use and floor samples, if you are a retail store) if you care for it.

Here at Blush we have two lines of non-vibrating, silicone dildos. Here’s how they differ from each other and from other brands.

Our Real Nude dildos are…

  • 100% platinum cured silicone
  • Dual density- they have a firm inner core, softer outer surface
  • Slightly realistic, slightly abstract, hints at being phallic
  • Strong suction cups and harness compatible
  • We recommend waterbased lubricants for the best experience
  • Real Nude gets some of the best reviews from independent bloggers and experts!
  • Responsibly packaged in recyclable, clam shell packaging
  • Great price with an MSRP around $60-$70
  • See the whole Real Nude collection.




Our Rusé (pronounced roo-say) dildos are…

  • 100% platinum cured silicone
  • Firm with very realistic shapes
  • Pronounced coronas and curves for amazing G spot and P spot sensation
  • Strong suction cups and harness compatible
  • We recommend waterbased lubricants for the best experience
  • Boxed packaging for slat wall, table top or shelf retail displays
  • Great price with an MSRP around $30-$60
  • See the whole Rusé collection.




2 thoughts on “100% Platinum Cured Silicone Dildos

  • June 22, 2019 at 7:44 am

    So, I have a question regarding your other products labeled as silicone (Specifically Silicone Willys), what are they made out of? If I were to test them with a lighter, would they behave as real silicone? I’m confused as to why only two of your product lines are determined to be platinum silicone, are the others still pure silicone?

    Flame test in question documented here:

    • July 2, 2019 at 4:37 pm

      Thank you for asking! All of our silicone is platinum cured. Some items may have a coating of body safe polyurethane, we do this to give them a matte, silky smooth feeling. We use the same grade of polyurethane that nonlatex condoms are made of. (If you try to burn a silicone toy with a polyurethane coating, it may smoke a little and create some soot that wipes away.) As for the difference in wording on our packaging, our words evolve as our packaging evolves. Our materials, however, stay the same high grade, third-party independently lab tested, body safe goodness.


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