Can Cock Rings Assist with Erectile Dysfunction?

What are Cock Rings?  According to studies, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects 32%-80% of men depending on age and is most common amongst older adults or those who might be on certain medications that affect erections. This can impact sex drive, comfort regarding sex, and overall sexual wellness and desire. Cock rings are used for a variety of different reasons, not […]

Foreplay For Your Brain + Your Body

Laughing is the purest expression of joy, and we all need as much joy as we can get these days.  We spend so much time each day consuming media and content that make our lips turn upwards and our bellies erupt with vibrations of laughter.  If you’re wondering whether taking that free spirit into the bedroom is a no-no, we’re […]

Beauty and Self Care – Meet the Wellness Collection!

The Wellness Collection is a collection created with your sexual wellness in mind. These items are made with Ultrasilk ™ Silicone, which is silky smooth to the touch, body-safe, and phthalate-free. There are a variety of different items to choose from, all with unique benefits that will help bring you pleasure, assist with longevity of play, train your body, and […]

Masturbation and Shame

Masturbation and Shame Whether or not you grew up being able to talk about self pleasure, we are all exposed to the stigmas and shame that social media and society encourage regarding masturbation. It’s still such a taboo topic to speak to others about despite the fact that it’s healthy and beneficial to do! Still, many of us find shame […]