Soft Vs. Firm Silicone Sex Toys: An Intro Guide

Soft Vs. Firm Silicone Sex Toys: An Intro Guide Pressure. How much do you like, and which sex toy will fit? Silicone’s a fascinating sex toy material because it ranges from super-soft to very firm. It’s versatile like that! Different bodies will have different preferences about whether a firm toy is just right or too much, about whether soft silicone […]

Meet Dr. Skin Dr. Chubbs!

The Hunt for Something Bigger   Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect toy when you want something bigger. But your search has come to an end. Meet Dr. Chubbs, a large and realistic dildo that is just what the doctor ordered! With a soft, lifelike feel with just the right amount of firmness, a strong suction base, […]

All Rabbit Vibes are the Same, Right? Wrong.

I have two words for you: Pleasure and Innovation. As a sex toy reviewer, the one thing I can tell you is that variety is, without a doubt, the spice of life. Having options is a necessity in navigating the world we live in, especially when it comes to our pleasure. However, more variety on the market can make narrowing […]