Bring Vibration to the Bedroom! All Vibes 10% off!

Why vibe?

Vibrating toys are for everyone! Whether you’re looking to indulge in a new toy for yourself or a toy to share, there are so many different vibrators to choose from. Tease your erogenous zones and delve into powerful, rumbly vibrations during play with our beautiful selection of vibrating toys all for 10% off!


Where can vibrators be used?

Many pleasure-seekers believe that vibrators can only be found pleasurable when used on the clitoris. But vibrators can, in fact, be used anywhere on the body that brings pleasure to you! Whether it’s on sore muscles, your neck, nipples, frenulum, scrotum, or clitoris – Vibrators are pleasurable no matter your genitals. So grab a vibrator and bring some buzz into your bedroom.

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